Welcome page

I’m a speech scientist and I’m interested in mechanisms of speech perception and production in both the general adult population and people with sensory or motor disabilities.

I’m a permanent lecturer at Nantes University (France) and am a member of the LLING – Laboratoire de Linguistique de Nantes (UMR6310 – Université de Nantes / CNRS). I’m also currently affiliated with the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG, ENT Department) / Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, where I work with the team of Pr. Deniz Başkent as a guest researcher.

Overall, I’m interested in modelling the type of mental representations and mechanisms that people use when speaking and / or listening to speech. I investigate these issues by conducting experiments in which some specific acoustic phenomena are manipulated or by recording speakers in various laboratory setups.

Some of these experiments are accessible online from this website. They may be accessed from http://ecrowd.ghostinthemachine.space.